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Insiders claim designers were reluctant to give Kanye West invites during Fashion Week in New York because they were concerned he might steal their designs for his new project...

From The NY Daily News 
Kanye West is searching for inspiration, and he came to New York to find it.
The rapper made the rounds at Fashion Week for a clothing project he’s planning, and designers are expressing concern that he might try to rip off their ideas, sources tell Confidenti@l.
Sources tell us they’re worried that their creations will be copied by the rapper, who has turned to LinkedIn to help staff his new fashion business.
“It was something that was discussed beforehand — ‘Do we let him in and risk our ideas being sold off by him?’ ” says our insider.
West’s company posted job listings on LinkedIn last week, seeking a vice president of production and a chief financial officer for an unnamed “Kanye West clothing project.”