from inflexwetrust

After being no-shows for a huge concert at the Wembly Arena in London, MMG members Stalley, Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, and Omarion have to shell out a pretty penny for doing the concert-goers and promoters dirty. However, each rapper has a different tab they owe for not showing up to perform. Who do you think has to foot the biggest bill? Find out how much each MMG representer owes for the September 12th, 2012 concert below.


Basically, the more popular the artist is, the more money they owe back (which makes sense.) Here’s the break-down of the numbers below:

Stalley: $5,500
Omarion: $12,000
Wale: $35,000
Meek Mill: $40,000
Rick Ross: $100,000

The head promoter for the event also had to shell out $93,281.26 for personal expenses, including first-class flights and so on for the artists.

Moral of the story: SHOW UP TO PERFORM WHEN YOU’RE BOOKED. Quite simple. Although I doubt any of those artists are even worried about the $$, but still.