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Chris Brown’s therapists at the rehab center he’s currently at for anger management do NOT want him discussing his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. They say that talking about their situation is “killing him softly.”

“[Chris] doesn’t think or even talk about Rihanna because she’s one of the the negatives in his life,” a source reports. “She as a person, is not negative, but the events and situations that happened when they were together were extremely negative and stressful on Chris. He talks about that in therapy, but when the sessions are over, they tell him not to discuss or even think about her. It’s too painful and he already paid his price for what he did but everyone only seems to focus on that and it’s killing him softly. So he’s been told by professionals to erase those negative thoughts and situations he had with her from his mind.”

Do you think that’s a good idea?