from rhyemswithsnitch

Yesterday when month old domestic violence charges against 50 Cent surfaced accusing the rapper of attacking his baby mama [click here if you missed that], everyone assumed it was his 16 year-old son Marquise's mother Shaniqua Tompkins. It wasn't.

Turns out 50 has a secret baby mama on the side...

From TMZ 
The woman accusing 50 Cent of domestic violence is NOT Shaniqua Tompkins -- the mother of the rapper's 16-year-old son -- it's ANOTHER baby mama, TMZ has learned.
50 has never publicly acknowledged having a second child ... but it appears the woman behind the allegation is Daphne Joy -- a model who famously dated 50 for 3 years.
There were rumors the two had a child last fall ... but neither 50 nor Daphne ever confirmed the birth. In fact, the L.A. City Attorney seemed to break the news in its statement to the media when it said the victim and 50 had a "child in common."