In the next issue of In Touch magazine, NeNe Leakes chats about her split with Gregg and their forthcoming walk (again!) down the aisle.

If she comes back for another season, surely reality TV camera will capture the nuptials and there may be a guest in the audience that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans may not expect to see — former friend turned foe Kim Zolciak!

The two former frenimies shared the good news with their fans on Twitter last night:

In the InTouch interview, NeNe talks about reuniting with Gregg, “this time around, we’ll work together as a team more.” She also adds: “I want the wedding planner to take over and make all the decisions. The most important thing about this wedding is the fact that Gregg and I have a second chance.”

So why did they fallout the first time?

“When I started living my dream, things changed,” NeNe tells the magazine. “I started making more money than him. He’d say, ‘You don’t need me anymore,’ but I did. I really did.”

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