SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. ( - Jessie Anderson wipes away tears as she holds a beautiful photo of her beloved dog, Athena, a miniature dachshund. The tears flow, and they don't stop.

The story is so heartbreaking, so gut wrenching, words are hard to come by. Who in the world would hurt a tiny, helpless dog? A pup so little, she only weighs twelve pounds – a baby girl who fills your day with kisses, tail wags and endless joy.

It is unconscionable, unthinkable and despicable – and sadly, the horrific abuse is all caught on camera.

The final moments of little Athena's life were filled with fear and pain. The tiny pup was being cared for by a co-worker's husband back on August 8 in Myakka City, according to the dog's owner. That's when the horrifying crime took place.

Athena's tiny body can be seen on video, tossed out of a back door onto a patio. The dog is terrified and begins running frantically. Moments later, the pup is so scared, she tries to hide and take cover under a table.

To no avail.

Athena is then picked up, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, by a man named Stacy Sean Glover, known as Sean to those close to him. Deputies say what Sean does next on camera is sickening.

Documents and home surveillance show Sean using his fist to punch the dog over and over and over again as the dog is in the man's lap. It is heartbreaking to watch. The man finally gets up, and little Athena can be seen dangling from his grip. The dog is being held by the neck, and her lifeless body shows no signs of breathing.

The dog's owner, Jessie, sobs as she tells the story, "I just want her back, she doesn't deserve to be out in those woods, she didn't deserve to get beaten."

Jessie tells News Channel 8 that on the day it happened, Sean sent a text that the dog ran away. Jessie raced to the home and began searching frantically. 

"We spent hours out there, looking for her. I didn't want to stop, I didn't want her to think I gave up because I didn't," she cried. "She's my baby, I'd never give up on my baby."

8 on Your Side traveled to Sean's house in Nokomis to confront him about the surveillance video, however he was not home. He is now charged with felony animal abuse and tampering with evidence. Athena's remains still have not been found. 

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