LAKELAND, Fla. (970 WFLA) – The controversial issue of whether to legalize medical marijuana in Florida will be on center stage Thursday night in Lakeland, with two power figures at the heart of the discussion - Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and Attorney John Morgan of the Morgan and Morgan law Firm.

Amendment 2 asks voters on the November ballot if they want medical pot legalized.

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd has been outspoken against it. 

“Now, the pro marijuana people want you to think it’s just for the very sick - for those with debilitating diseases. And then there’s words in there like other conditions. There’s words in there that allow children to have access to medical marijuana. And we’ll bring all those issues to the forefront at the forum,” Judd said.

Attorney John Morgan is a big backer of the medical marijuana issue. He even founded the group United For Care, which is pushing for it.

“These people who will be getting this are people with multiple sclerosis, ALS, cancer - people who are terminal, or fighting for their lives every single day. The gateway drug for them is morphine in a hospice center,” Morgan said.

Morgan believes there are a few misconceptions about legalizing medical pot.

“They first always talk about Colorado where marijuana is legal - apples and oranges. Then they talk about ‘oh, we worry about it getting in the hands of our children.’ That’s the same argument that people who want to restrict gun rights use. I told - lock it up with those guns,” Morgan said.

Judd says most voters don't really understand the full measure of this amendment and calls it a ‘scam.’

“The overwhelming majority of people have not read amendment 2. And amendment 2 goes much further than just marijuana for the very, very sick. Amendment 2 has loopholes large enough to float battleships through and they’re specifically placed there in order to have defacto legalization of marijuana in Florida,” Judd said.

Morgan also told 970 WFLA he doesn't believe legalizing medical pot would eventually lead to legal recreational pot use.

There will also be several experts on the panel at Thursday (Aug. 28) night’s forum at the Harrison School for the Arts in Lakeland at 6pm.  

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