ST PETERSBURG, Fla. ( - The St. Petersburg Police Department fired one of its officers because it claims he intended to dump some dash cam video evidence in a DUI case.

The video, according to the department, shows officer Kenneth Pienik using unnecessary force during a January arrest.

It shows Pienik lost his temper January 31st, with DUI suspect Stephen Woodworth.

As Pienik tried to gather information Woodworth became uncooperative and argumentative.

Pienik lost his temper, used profanity, then grabbed hold of Woodworth's arm and took him to the ground in a manner that, according to St. Petersburg Interim Chief David DeKay, employed an unnecessary use of force.

"Officers are only supposed to use force when it is absolutely necessary in the arrest and also for their own safety. It is clear Officer Pienik went beyond that line," St. Petersburg Police Department spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez said.

Photo Credit 970 WFLA/K. Norman

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