Angela Bassett provides a bit of insight with the latest on the much-talked about “Waiting To Exhale” sequel.

In an interview with Huffington Post, the actress reveals that producers are fine-tuning what to so with Savannah’s character, who was played by the late Whitney Houston.

In the interview, she says “they’re still writing. One of our original producers, from the first “Exhale,” is on board. So that’s a good sign, but they’re still working on the script. It’s just how to deal with it [Whitney’s loss]. And probably the best way to deal with it is just deal with it. It’s like what happens in life, in a way. Life is about life in passing, living and dying, winning and losing. So that’s what I know so far.”

And as far as what to do with Savannah, Bassett says she can’t see anyone replacing Whitney.

“Not off the top of my head,” she says of who a likely replacement might be. “That would be interesting for the fans to decide. I wonder if they [the producers] have done any outreach that way. Who would the fans like to see, or what they would like to see. I don’t feel like replacing that character is the most respectful way to go, because in my heart I love Whitney and her work and the time that we shared together. Her role and her presence was just so important. I have a hard time replacing someone else in her shoes. I guess they wouldn’t have to do that. We would have to just come up with a brand new friend.”


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