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Toni Braxton has a new album to promote with Babyface that chronicles her experience with Love, Marriage and Divorce, but she’s also dishing details about her troubled past with bankruptcy.

“When you first sign a deal it’s never going to be any money because you haven’t sold any records…you have to prove yourself,” she told The Breakfast Club.

“You do a show; you do $100,000…an artist might come home with $20,000,” she said. “The more it’s cut up, it’s distributed differently. It’s the nature of how the industry works. I don’t think people understand that.”

The Braxton Family Values star recently purchased a $3 million mansion, raising eyebrows from fans who questioned her financial stability.

“I have Lupus…My show in Vegas got cancelled and insurance wouldn’t cover it, so I had to pay myself,” she said.

She also revealed that she and her sisters are ready to work on an album together.

"We are talking about that right now."

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