Nene Leakes has a brand new gig to prepare for as a new contestant for Dancing With The Stars and she has a few trick from her past to help her out.

“Exotic dance is so different from professional dance…There’s more fantasy, there’s more slower moves,” she told Extra.

Her partner added, “We’re gonna go to the pole class.”

The reality star is confident she can beat out Olympic champions on the dance floor.

“Congrats on winning the Olympics, but this is ballroom dancing. I’m sure they’re going to have a lot of great techniques. Of course, they won the Olympics,” she said.

“This other guy is a hockey player, and they have great endurance because they’ve been doing it for a long time, much longer than I have. But we have some things that we can bring that they can’t.”

Nene believes she has an edge over her competition.

“I know a lot of them are skating, but a lot of them may not have soul, they may be stiff and not really loose with it and able to roll and move,” she said.

Check out the clip above.

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